credit Helen Bailey

Breathing Line – gifts for the future is a public art work – a performance and installation – that creates gifts for the future.  It premiered at Sneinton Market in Nottingham on Saturday morning 9th September 2017. Breathing Line is aimed towards a passing public who may happen upon the event in their ordinary activity of attending the market.

The work has various elements. There is a market stall – ‘Breathing Line: gifts for the future’ where the public can get information about the work and how to take part. There are seven performers who process through the market place each following the simple score move when you breath in still when you breath out – each following own breath while operating as a collective. This oddly meditative collective continues through the market, passing  the information stall towards The Lanes and to a second ‘Breathing Line: gifts for the future’ stall. Here each performer collects a bowl filled with £1 coins. Continuing their slow rhythmic walking the performers lay one thousand £1 coins in a long curving line and step away. The public can participate by entering into discussion with a performer around what their future positive action might be. There is space and time for reflection and discussion.

credit Lucas Hough

Each receives a gift of ten £1 coins in exchange for a future positive action that costs nothing.  Each writes their future action on a small card and takes this away along with their gift of ten £1 coins. These actions are gifts for the future that will continue to manifest beyond the timeframe of the performance installation event.

Article written prior to the first performance of the piece is on this website here

Breathing Line is originally commissioned and produced by Dance4